Jacobs pushes for new approach

Sara Jacobs, 31, is one of two Democrats vying for Congresswoman Susan Davis’s seat in California’s 53rd Congressional District.

She worked at the State Department during the Obama administration, UNICEF’s Office of Innovation unit and is now founder and chair of San Diego for Every Child, a countywide effort in addressing childhood poverty.

“With COVID, once we heard schools would be closed we began a series of conversations with the community and set up the COVID-19 Children’s Fund that has helped mobilize more than 55 million in funding for childcare for essential workers and equitable distance learning,” she said.

Jacobs said she is running for two main reasons. The first, the loss of 20 years of Rep. Susan Davis’s seniority.

“Even before the current crisis we find ourselves in, I believe the next Congress is going to be making hugely important decisions that would have generational consequences,” she said. “I felt it was important that we have someone that has the kind of experience working in the federal government and has thought deeply about domestic and international issues that will be facing Congress.”

Jacob also said a new generation of leaders is needed who will look at old problems with a “new lens.”

Jacobs said leaders are needed to invest in policies with health and is disappointed that another CARES Act package has not passed.

“Families are really struggling right now,” she said. “We need to be getting assistance to small businesses and essential workers and it looks like we cannot expect anything to come out of Washington until after the election.”

“I think that the next Congress is going to be entirely focused on getting a single bill passed to address the current public health and economic crises,” she said. “My priority there is making sure federal assistance gets to those who need it most, our families, our workers and our small businesses and that we do not ignore our other priorities while doing so.”