Breaking the cycle of addiction


Faith House Addiction Treatment Center opened its doors in Lakeside in January 2020, offering a safe environment for those that face the daunting task of overcoming addiction. The Thank You Heroes Home Rebate program originally aided the launch of the facility but is now working with Casa De Oro Bible Church in Spring Valley to refinance the property, bringing the church in as co-owners. Pastor Bob Lott, who assisted with the creation of Faith House, is now facilitating the church’s purchase into the project.

Lott said that Faith House is a sober-living home where men can come and live without the fear of being around substances that they are addicted to or having problems with. The facility holds 13 residents, with 10 men living at the facility now.

“It gives them the opportunity to break the cycle that they are going through,” he said. “Some of them have been incarcerated. Some have just lost everything either to alcohol or drugs. It gives them a safe place to live, to work from, and reestablish their lives.”

Lott said the church is moving into the ministry with Faith House as partners to give these men hope. He said the church is a small Christian church in Casa De Oro that does not want to get caught up in denominationalism because the church is for everyone.

“We are a cool little church that believes in family and we are close as a group. We have get-togethers, family dinners and love to have fun together. We really feel the call to where we are in a phase this year in reaching out to those around us and spreading help, and the word of God to help change lives,” said Lott. “This is a new opportunity that presented itself that adds a new avenue of ministry for us. Personally, I have a big heart for prison ministry for men and women who are coming out of incarceration that have no place to go or need help.”

Lott said he is passionate about prison ministry. With Rock of Refuge Prison Ministry, that helps people with clothing, housing and different needs that they have, joining Faith House is kind of a marriage of the two.

“Some of the men, their next step could be incarceration,” he said. “I do not know what is happening with them right now, but they are at Faith House looking for a way to change their lives. It is about getting us involved in our community. It is easy to send money to other countries for evangelization but what are we doing here in our local community that can help people change their lives with the personal knowledge and belief in Jesus Christ?”

“Faith House is an extension of our overall ministry,” continued Lott. “So many individuals battling addiction also face a crisis of faith and spirituality in their recovery. Becoming more involved with Faith House and elevating the spiritual side of sober living through personal one on one ministry, spiritually-based group activities and increased prayer and faith offerings can give these individuals the boost they need to successfully transition to a sober life.”

Thank You Heroes Program Director Aaron Moore said that the entire Thank You Heroes Team is dedicated to the principles of community support, engagement, and faith, in a press release.

“We are passionate about assisting those in need and providing the tools required to successfully journey into the next chapter of their lives,” stated Moore.

Lott said they are still in the process of finalizing the partnership, but once completed, there will be a new 501c3 established. He said if anyone wants to donate to the project now, they can do so by donating to Thank You Heroes or Casa De Oro Bible Church, earmarking the donation for Faith House.

Breaking the cycle of addiction