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Articles by Albert H. Fulcher

When you think of Middle Eastern cuisine, El Cajon is the first place in East County that most people think of as the go-to place. But a small family owned business in Spring Valley, The Edge Mediterranean Grill, rivals any Middle Eastern restaurant that I have visited in East County with its fresh food, remarkable recipes that come from a variety of Middle Eastern regions and its casual family atmosphere.

It’s a story of the horrors of war, protecting a way of life, a culture, a peoples land, and of healing of the people of the Navajo Nation that played a prominent role in defeating the Japanese in World War II. It’s also a work of history of the Navajo men that volunteered their service in a way that has significant historical value. This is the 15-year journey through history, created by Dr. George A. Colburn, tells the untold story of the Navajo Code talkers through a moving educational documentary.

This has been a hectic week, and with our breaking story on Sons of Charity I have received a lot of comments and complaints that we are out to destroy a wonderful organization and especially accused of attacking a phenomenal man who has touched the heart of many people in his undying love and commitment in helping children with cancer. I have to say that this has been the most difficult story to cover as myself, and writer Ana Nita have always held such high respect for what Sam “Diego” Mejia has done in our community.

It is a fine tradition that we take a day each year to honor our veterans that have fought for our freedom throughout the decades and in this day and age we have more living veterans in American history. I am thankful for those especially that take the time to honor these veterans every day with hard work, diligence and respect to those that served. There are many events this week all over East County that are taking the time to honor our heroes that served both during peace, conflicts and war in many ways. As a veteran, this means a lot to me personally.

Huge Afros, psychedelic jumpsuits and a lot of bling to go along with the many incredible designs made and evening of disco into a fun filled charity event benefitting the many in East County and beyond that are struggling with cancer.

Working with a community paper is rewarding in so many ways. I love the fact that our focus is more on the people and organizations in the community instead of the daily stories that you hear in major newspapers and local news broadcasts. Not that I am knocking them, they serve a vital purpose in our community and without them, many of us would be uninformed about what is happening around San Diego County and beyond.

Stunning views, beautiful homes and the love of Tuscany wines is a recipe for a new locale in Muth Valley that no other community in the San Diego County area equals. Built around the love of wine making, Trevi Hills Vineyard & Fine Homes is a soon to be destination for wine lovers offering a unique opportunity for its homeowners. Being the owner of a luxury home and a part of something special is obtainable with the centerpiece of this new neighborhood on the outskirts of Lakeside being Trevi Hills Winery.

It was roundup time for the Olaf Wieghorst Museum & Western Heritage Center, and this year they did it in mini style. East County Feed & Supply was a great host for the Museum’s first Wieghorst Mini Roundup Fundraiser on Oct. 21. Mini shrimp cocktails, mini tacos, mini taquitos, mini sliders along with some other delectable mini dishes added flavor to the theme of the early evening fundraiser.

It was Halloween and I was semi-helping handing out candy to the kids while my grandchildren were scouring the neighborhood for candy of their own. I love watching little trick-or-treaters. We had set up a few special treats for the kids we thought had the best costume. It was not much, a piece of candy thrown in a bag, and a small pumpkin tea candleholder filled with extra candy.

I’m a big fan of Jimmie Johnson, and his more than impressive NASCAR history is a remarkable achievement, and he’s not done yet. But more than racing cars, Johnson has never forgotten his roots here in El Cajon, East County and the entire San Diego region. If you ever had the chance to meet him, he’s actually humble and a bit shy. Yet he continues to awe us with his great sportsmanship and his love of racing cars.