Three Spring Valley marijuana dispensaries shut down by police in recent raid

Courtesy illustration.

On Wednesday, June 19, the Spring Valley Sheriff’s Department raided and shut down three dispensaries in a Casa de Oro office complex for the sale of cannabis without a permit.

Employees working at the dispensaries were also arrested for drug possession and illegal drug sales.

“The raid was the direct result of numerous complaints from concerned citizens,” Sheriff’s Sgt. Matt Cook stated.

Over 20,000 dollars in cash and a quarter ton of cannabis were seized on the raid.

Also taken into police possession were four guns that were in the possession of the employees, presumably for defense against possible robberies.

These businesses were located in an unmarked suite on Dolores Street in Casa De Oro.

Although Sheriff’s deputies and residents had known about the dispensary for some time, the authorities had recently obtained a search warrant that allowed them to access the premises.


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