Blossom Valley Elementary School, Grossmont Hospital allocated Neighborhood Reinvestment Program funding

Courtesy Photo.

The June 4 meeting of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors included the allocation of Neighborhood Reinvestment Program grants for Blossom Valley Elementary School and for Grossmont Hospital.

A 4-0 Board of Supervisors vote, with Greg Cox at the National Association of Counties conference, approved a $60,000 grant to the Cajon Valley Union School District to help fund a new play structure at Blossom Valley Elementary School and $28,747 to the Grossmont Hospital Foundation to help purchase equipment for a psychiatric treatment and healing unit.

The Neighborhood Reinvestment Program is intended to provide grants to non-profit organizations for the furtherance of public purposes at the regional and community levels.

In addition to non-profit organizations, county supervisors can also fund schools and fire departments, and supervisors can also use money from their budgets to supplement other county funding for specific county projects such as parks, roads, and libraries.

Each county supervisor recommends the allocation of his or her Neighborhood Reinvestment Program funds, although those allocations must be approved by a majority of the board.

Supervisor Dianne Jacob recommended use of her District Two budget for the Blossom Valley Elementary School and Grossmont Hospital grants.

The current play structure at Blossom Valley Elementary School, which is one of 19 elementary schools in the Cajon Valley Union School District, is more than 25 years old. The new structure will be larger and will offer more activities.

Sharp Hospital has a Behavioral Health Department, and the new Grossmont Psychiatric Assessment Treatment and Healing (G-path) unit will provide outpatient care with trained psychiatric personnel. The G-path unit will include eight reclining chairs as well as space for patients to walk around and participate in group therapy sessions.