Permit approved for AT&T cell tower in Lakeside

Courtesy Photo.

The county’s Planning Commission approved a Major Use Permit for a wireless telecommunications facility in western Lakeside.

The Planning Commission’s 6-0 vote July 19, with David Pallinger absent, authorizes AT&T to construct and operate a wireless communications facility tower designed as a false palm tree. The Planning Commission also granted a height variance for the tower.

The 1.38-acre parcel in the 12200 block of Coping Place is owned by Robert Davison. Its A70 Limited Agriculture zoning has required a Major Use Permit for a wireless facility, although if a Minor Use Permit had been granted prior to the county’s 2003 adoption of its wireless communications facility policy only a modification rather than a Major Use Permit is required for changes.

A Minor Use Permit was approved in 2002 to allow antennas for the facility to be placed on the roof of the existing single-family residence and supporting equipment to be located inside an equipment enclosure within the residence.

The existing facility cannot accommodate current wireless technology. The antennas which are built into a facade on the roof will be removed and replaced by the false palm tree northeast of the residence.  The false tree will be 64 1/2 feet in height, so the variance from the 35-foot height limit was necessary.  The accessory equipment will remain within the enclosure inside the residence.

The Lakeside Community Planning Group voted 13-0 in September 2018 to recommend approval of the permit.

Due to setback requirements of the property’s zoning and proximity to an existing leach field the proposed false tree was moved and the project returned to the planning group in December 2018. The new location was recommended on an 11-0 vote with one abstention.