No one is above the law

The evidence contained in the most recent indictments against Donald Trump should disturb every American.

Trump threatened the very bedrock of American democracy. Knowing he lost the 2020 presidential election, Trump cooked up numerous illegal schemes to stay in power. He deliberately spread disinformation
about the 2020 election, then used those lies to pressure state officials in Georgia and other swing states to overturn the will of voters, including by asking the Georgia secretary of state to “find 11,780 votes.” He and his cronies leaned on everyone they could to carry out their plans, including former Vice President Pence, who refused.

When they couldn’t steal the presidency through phony paperwork or throwing out votes, they rioted on our nation’s Capitol in an attempt to stop the election from being certified.

These crimes are too serious to be ignored. That’s why two separate grand juries of everyday Americans, one in Washington D.C. and one in Georgia, have now issued two separate indictments of Donald Trump for his efforts to overturn the will of voters.

These are the most serious indictments thus far because they deal with a conspiracy to overturn the foundation of our democracy: the vote of the American people.

We the American people choose our leaders, not the other way around. When we go to cast our ballots, we should be confident that our vote will be counted, no matter our political party. We shouldn’t have to worry about power-hungry officials throwing out votes that they don’t like to try and keep control.

Trump must be held accountable for his crimes, just like anyone else would be, and our elected officials must allow a trial to proceed without political interference.

Kimberly Stricker
Spring Valley