Local Spiritual Empowerment Junior Youth Group paints Mariposa Lane Mural


By Roberta Bulling

By Roberta Bulling

Many parents and children that live in the area near Mt. Vernon Elementary School and who walk to the school have been delighted to find a lovely mural painted on the 124 foot cinder block wall next to the footpath they use to reach Mt. Vernon Street. The mural transformed the former gray graffiti magnet into a panorama of rolling hills, sky, plants and butterflies. It aims to promote respect and protection for our fluttering local “wild” animals as well as beautify the space. Many adults who use the footpath when walking to the bus, or taking their dogs for walks have been enthusiastic and supportive, raising money, donating supplies, advice, and labor.

“It was gratifying to me to see how many adults arise to assist youth who want to serve the community,” said Roberta Bulling, coordinator of a Spiritual Empowerment Junior Youth Group on her block which is sponsored by the Bahá’í Faith community. Three young people in the group came up with the name “Mariposa Lane” for the butterfly mural project, but realized they would need lots of help. They spoke with Mrs. Shaune Dulay, art teacher at Liberty Charter High School nearby. She loved their idea, expanded on it, and enlisted 20 of her art students to help paint it. It was designed by one of her students, Miss Dominique Guzman. Miss Guzman and Sebastian Mojica from the Spiritual Empowerment Group made a presentation to the Mayor and City Council and received permission from the city to proceed. 

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the mural was held Aug. 2 at 10:00 a.m. at the northern end of Dain Drive just below the footpath. Neighbors and friends of the project participated in a ribbon cutting and a following reception.


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