‘Henry V’ to visit Lemon Grove

The Globe for All Tour is coming back to Lemon Grove bringing a free performance of Shakespeare’s “Henry V” to Lemon Grove Academy’s Roberto Alvarez Auditorium on Nov. 2, starting at 5:15 p.m. Co-sponsored by the Lemon Grove Historical Society and the Lemon Grove School District, the show comes free with dinner at the auditorium’s quad.

“The year is 1415, and the young and reckless Prince Hal has left his wild partying days behind and matured into sober and thoughtful kingship. He defies the insults of the French royals and rallies a ragtag group of English soldiers to sail across the English Channel on a longshot invasion of the mighty kingdom of France.”

Seats are limited. To register visit https://bit.ly/3Sy809Q.