Banner approach to rebranding


Lamp post banners will soon be seen on The Boulevard in La Mesa, a project of the La Mesa Village Associations “Beautification and Branding Initiative.” The LMVA is coordinating the installation of lamppost banners between Acacia Avenue and Fourth Street to promote the city of La Mesa’s local downtown businesses and events and bring additional beautification into the Village. LMVA is responsible for banner design, development and maintenance.

A total of 42 banners will be attached to the Village’s decorative lampposts featuring three different banner themes. Messages range from the City’s “Dine/Shop/Explore” campaign, various LMVA events and local business banners.

“Our goal for the lamp post banners is two-fold,” said Teri Favro, LMVA Chair and owner of Amethyst Moon in a Sept. 2 press release. “First, we want to further beautify La Mesa Village with tasteful and colorful banners along the boulevard. Second, we want to showcase the many attributes that make the Village such a special place to ‘Dine|Shop|Explore’ in order to further brand awareness and draw business to our downtown community, which is needed now more than ever with the ongoing restrictions from COVID19 the past six months.”

Wes Troy, LMVA Co-Chair and GM at La Mesa Lumber & Hardware said the revenue from the banner program will be utilized for future LMVA events as well as “promoting the downtown Village businesses year-round.

Business banners are available for rent in 3-month increments. Rental of the banners are on a first come, first serve basis to LMVA member businesses, and coordinated by the LMVA Village Improvement Project Committee. Complete information about the banner program and the application process can be found on the LMVA website at

LMVA is projecting to have the lamppost banners installed by the beginning of October.

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