Adopt a cat month

By Robin Ganzert

They may be America’s “Most Popular Pet,” but our country’s felines desperately need our help. Not only are thousands of newborn kittens joining the millions of cats already in shelters across the country during spring’s “kitten season,” but a decrease in funding and supplies at many shelters further threaten these beautiful animals and their hopes to find a forever home.

As I urge you to rescue a cat or kitten at your local animal shelter, there are various factors involved when introducing a new pet into your home. Helpful tips to consider before adoption can be found at

June is also National Pet Disaster Preparedness Month and while you should be prepared for pet emergencies year-round, now is a great time to update your emergency plan and refresh your pet disaster kit (hopefully to include items for your newly adopted cat or kitten)!

Dr. Robin Ganzert is CEO and President of American Humane®

Adopt a cat month

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