West Hill High School’s Katie Tran is a ‘Remarkable Teen’

Katie Tran

On Nov. 10, the San Diego County Public Defender Randy Mize and the San Diego Public Defender Youth Council announced the winners of the 25 Most Remarkable Teens Awards at the Shiley Special Events Suite at the Central Library in San Diego. Youth ranged from ages 13 to 19 were recognized for their contributions and accomplishments.

From West Hills High School in Santee, 16-year-old Katie Tran earned the Campus Leadership award for her leadership, mentorship, and willingness to give back to her school community.

Katie is an Associated Student Body leader, a member of Pack Control addressing bullying and mental health issues, and part of the Mending Matters Mental Health Student Advisory. She is also a HOWL leader, a group that assists incoming freshman. Kate is the Pole Vault captain for the Track and Field Team and a summer school teacher’s assistant.

“Whether through helping peers or spreading positive messages with buttons students can wear on their backpacks, Katie’s resiliency in the face of adversity, her maturity and kindness, and her unrelenting service to others makes the world a better place,” stated her nominator Carrin Edwards.

From ages 7 through 9, Katie moved from home to home, lived in different motels. She faced bullying at school and struggled with anxiety and depression. She said the love she experienced during those times saved her life. She said everything she does in life now is to make all those who love, cared and sacrificed for her feel proud, as that support system give her the building blocks to succeed.