SDG&E is scapegoating solar users

Dear editor,

I was outraged at the recent information that SDG&E posted in the paper about how us solar home owners are the reason for them raising the rates for those who do not have solar.

This is a outright lie and they are simply trying to justify their reason of charging us a new monthly fee of $39 a month because we have solar. We are doing the right thing by installing solar to help California reduce the need for highly priced electricity from their suppliers.

When the power went out here in San Diego a few years ago, we had no battery backup and was without power for hours. SDG&E is trying to make up false claims that us solar users are to blame for there problems, when in fact we are helping SDG&E by putting electricity back into the grid and reducing the strain during the summer months and the rest of the year.

Please have them retract that false statement as it is misleading the public’s understanding of how solar homeowners are actually doing good for climate change and the need for drawing power off of the grid.


Ronald Miller