Santee post office repair project nearly complete

Photo by Rebecca Jefferis Williamson. The Santee post office repairs are nearly finished.

Repairs to the Santee post office exterior are done – what remains is the final landscaping modifications according to Eva M. Jackson, corporate communications with the United States Post Office.

“Our facilities department was first notified of front façade bricks failing in June 2016,” said Jackson via email. “It was found that bees got under the façade and were doing damage.”

Additional damage was discovered.

“When tiles were being removed to evacuate the bees, extensive water damage and wood rot was found,” she said. “An engineering investigation of structural issues was conducted.  A new façade design was drawn up.”

In October of 2017 the demolition of the old façade started.

“At that time more problems were detected including problems beneath the floors, behind the drywall, and bad seams connected to the roof,” said Jackson. “Problems with façade bricks at the back of the building where our vehicles load, and unload were also found to be failing.”

The original request was revised and submitted that included the design and scope of work.

According to Jackson the cost of the repairs is proprietary information.

“The postal service received no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of the postage, products and services to fund its operations,” said Jackson.

The new façade was completed in September of 2018.