Restraining order against LeBaron lifted

Lemon Grove City Councilwoman Liana LeBaron

Lemon Grove City Council member Liana LeBaron appeared in court on June 14 in response to a restraining order filed against her by her husband and the judge ended the two month old restraining order according to a June 14 article in the San Diego Union Tribune.

LeBaron was arrested on April 18, and charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence. On April 18, she was served with an emergency protection order. The complaint came from her husband Timothy C. Howell, an El Cajon police officer. On April 19, LeBaron received a restraining order according to the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego website.

San Diego District Attorney’s Office Public Affairs Officer Tanya Sierra said LeBaron posted $10,000 bail and was released from custody.

The Union-Tribune wrote that Howell told the judge the couple “sorted things civilly” and that he had not been pressured to withdraw his request for protections.

“San Diego Superior Court Judge Shereen Charlick immediately lifted the order, which had also kept LeBaron from a home she co-owns as well as her husband’s vehicles and dog.”

The Union-Tribune reported the judge said she never received any physical evidence of abuse and LeBaron never submitted a formal response to the accusations. The judge noted that a restraining order could be reissued.

LeBaron did not respond to inquiries about this case.