Good results with guidance

Have you heard the quote:

“Knowledge is power. Knowledge without application is useless.”

Well it has been…ready for it? Six weeks of quarantine! Six weeks!

When we run our fitness results challenges, we give you six weeks because that is enough time to allow your body to recognize your new changes and develop a lifestyle for the better. Have the last 6 weeks been teaching your body good things to adopt? Or, are you like most of us, and instead been creating bad habits and letting your temptations and lack of accountability get to you? That is ok, no judgement. But this is your intervention. This is our intervention. 

If you sat down six weeks ago to plan your quarantine workout routine, you would have had no idea it was going to last this long.  But we are here now, so let’s get accountable!

Step 1) Knowledge

You have access to the most well-rounded fitness staff available. Trainers with master’s degrees in nutrition, professional athletes and decades of experience.  Mix that with your trial and errors of the past, the knowledge you have picked up along the way, and boom now we have something that guarantees results.  The best thing to do, reach out and ask questions, watch the habits and listen to the advice our NXPT staff give you daily on our videos and newsfeed. 

The biggest mistake you could make, try to reinvent the wheel.  Listen to people who have been there, done that, and are here to guide you!

Step 2) Application

All that is great, but unless you apply it into your daily life it’s useless.

We need to throw away the food that is temping you to overeat.  We need to set the alarm to make sure we wake up to workout.  We need reminders during the day to drink enough water. You need to set out your foam roller so every time you walk by it you stretch and roll out.  You can setup small things to ensure you are actively moving forward in your journey.

Step 3) Goals

What are your goals? Write one down. Or a bunch down. But document what you want to happen. Put a sticky note on the corner of your desktop that says, “4th of July swimsuit, let’s get after it!” or whatever will remind you of what you want to accomplish.  Everyone gets waves of motivation during a movie, or show, or hanging out with a friend or talking to someone, or whatever sparks that instant desire to achieve something. The trick is not to let it fade out and become something that you forget, or think is not obtainable.  One day at a time, builds to one week at a time, and eventually it’s a lifestyle that gets you to that goal.

Step 4) Slack n’ Chill

Cut yourself some slack and chill. We all slip up. We all spent the last 6 weeks during quarantine trying to piece together some type of regimen and failed here and there. It is ok, tomorrow is a new day. The more grace you give yourself, the easier it is to restart fresh with a clear mind.  If you focus too much on perfection, one slip up may take you a few days or a week to get motivated again to start over. Remember, progress not perfection.

So, here we are in quarantine still. Let’s gather our resources and make progress.  You have the NXPT community for support and encouragement! Write down your goals for summer, for health, for those that depend on you. Lean on NXPT for workouts and nutritional guidance on  We are providing our content free to the community currently. Stay strong.

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