Following Foothiller footsteps all the way home

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In June of 1921, Grossmont’s first graduating class of 37 seniors became Foothiller alumni. In 2018, the 97th graduating class numbered 503. Today, a total of 36,611 alumni call themselves Foothillers. 

In June of 1921, Grossmont’s first graduating class of 37 seniors became Foothiller alumni. In 2018, the 97th graduating class numbered 503. Today, a total of 36,611 alumni call themselves Foothillers. 

Tuesday, Aug. 13, was the first day of school for 575 excited and anxious freshmen, who are members of the class of 2022, Grossmont’s 101st graduating class. Aug. 8, incoming freshmen were welcomed to Grossmont for Freshman Orientation by trained G Crew members.  Throughout the year, ninth graders are guided by the G Crew as they adjust to the personal and academic challenges of a high school campus with a student population of 2160.

Homecoming 2018  September 21 and 22

In Fall 1921, months after the graduation of Grossmont’s first class, its alumni returned to campus for Alumni Day. In the 1920’s, the type of celebration varied, but often included an alumni play, basketball game, dance, and alumni attending classes of their favorite teachers.  In 1930, the yearbook states, at “its annual “visiting day” at Grossmont…. as many ‘old grads’ as can possibly do so return to the familiar haunts and halls of their alma mater to live again, for a while, in memories of the time when they, too, were students here.” In 1947, the annual alumni gathering was first called Homecoming.

This year’s homecoming theme is “Roadtrippin’ Across the USA.”

“On Friday, September 21st, we will be having a KUSI Alarm Clock pep assembly at 5 a.m. that morning, a tailgate in the afternoon, and the football game vs Poway at night,” said ASB President Kennedy Dirks. “During halftime we will perform our half time skit and crown the homecoming queen. On Saturday, there will be a club carnivalat 3:30 and the homecoming dance at 7, where the homecoming king will be crowned.”

Keeping it in the Family

A sign of Foothiller pride is the amazing tradition of alumni returning to teach at Grossmont. Currently, GHS has 18 alumni staff members. Several of them are from multigenerational Foothillers families.

Since 1956, a member of the Baer family has been teaching at Grossmont, beginning with teacher and coach Marlin Baer. Since then, four of his six children have taught at Grossmont, including Brad, Connie, and Greg.  Currently, daughter Yvonne Baer Vellone, Class of 1975, and grandson Kevin Baer teach math, making it a 62-year, three-generation tradition.

Another Foothiller teacher family is the Daggs-Ridgway family. In 1946 Charles Daggs first taught at GHS followed in 1960 by daughter Diane Daggs, Class of 1949. Dick Ridgway began teaching at GHS  in 1957. Since 1985, their son and current GHS math teacher Rob Ridgway has “followed in their footsteps.” Rob’s two sons Jesse and Taylor are recent Grossmont graduates.

In 2015, Carolyn Jungman, Class of 2010,  became our youngest Foothiller alumni teacher. Carolyn’s three brothers, Mitchell, Sam, and Alex, are Foothiller graduates as well as her father, Christopher, Class of 1981, and his four siblings, Mary, William, Gregory, and Robert.

Registrar Jeannine Sousa Calabrese is herself a 1981 graduate along with her brother Robert, and her three children, Michael, Matthew, and Megan. Jeannine proudly proclaims, “I am a forever Foothiller!”

On Friday, Sep. 21, the GHS Museum welcomes alumni to visit campus from 4-7 pm with a campus tour at 5:30 p.m. 

For questions,  email or call 619-668-6140.  Visit the Museum: 12-3:30 Sept. 5 or Oct. 3 or by appointment. To learn more about Foothiller history, visit our website:

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