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News and notes from County Supervisor Dianne Jacob

News and notes from County Supervisor Dianne Jacob


My fellow Supervisors recently joined me in easing county regulations on beekeeping.

Weve taken similar steps in recent years with wineries and equine businesses, and are looking at ways to encourage craft breweries. Its part of a broader effort to boost our regional economy and backcountry business. Or, as I call it, the “three Bs: Bees, beer and burgundy!

Fire preparedness:

As we all know, wildfire is a year-round threat in East County, but particularly this time of year due to the dry conditions across our backcountry and the Santa Ana winds.

Over the past dozen years, the county has invested more than $320 million on fire protection improvements. These include new fire stations, equipment and better-trained firefighters.

Improvements made within the past year include a new station in Boulevard, an expanded aerial firefighting fleet and more County Fire Authority active reserves.

A major wildfire will strike again someday, and when it does, we want to make sure we’re as prepared as we can be.

Alzheimers alert:

The county recently launched a new type of alert to help find seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and others who are reported missing and in danger.

Local law enforcement agencies can now notify the public via email and cell phone text message when a person with dementia or other impairment goes missing in the region.

Wandering is a huge concern for families dealing with Alzheimer’s and this new alert could bring real peace of mind and save lives. I encourage you to sign up to receive the alerts by going t www.readysandiego.org.

For more District 2 news, go t www.diannejacob.com or follow me on Facebook and Twitter. If I can assist with a county issue, please call my office at 619-5315522 or email dianne.jacob@sdcounty.ca.gov.

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