County businesses feel purple pain

San Diego County last weekened slid into the most restrictive level of business operations as the state and the county try to control the skyrocketing number of positive COVID-19 cases.

The purple tier requires that some businesses stop providing indoor service or shut down altogether.

The designation comes after months of local businesses trying to work within a variety of health and safety protocols that would help stop the spread of the coronavirus, which has maimed economies worldwide.

Among the businesses afected are restauarants, bars, gyms, movie houses, as wll as places of worship.

Under the purple designation most non-essential indoors businesses are closed because community transmission is widespread.

Some businesses can continue to operate provided they are in an outdoor setting and staff and patrons follow social distancing and mask wearing protocols.

For a complete list of restrictions and types of businsses affected visit the county of San Diego’s website:

The county will remain in the purple tier for a minimum of three weeks.