Caregiver’s book delivers a ‘bouquet of love’

Linda Fullerton of El Cajon is a retired insurance agent who retired early to become a fulltime caregiver for her 90-year-old mother.

Fullerton is also an artist who enjoys painting oil on canvas, as well as writing, and working in her flower garden. She is actively involved with her church.

In Fullerton’s new book, “Flowers by the Sea,” just released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Laura decides to move to Bodega Bay, California after suffering a tragic loss. There, she meets several people, including a lighthouse keeper, and they fall in love. But he has a secret. A ghost of his great-great-grandfather lives in the lighthouse as well. Just as each flower has meaning, so does each chapter of Laura’s life have meaning that contributes to a beautiful bouquet of love.

“Flowers by the Sea” is a 200-page paperback for $18.99 (e-book $13). To buy the book visit