A humane Easter

Families across the country are hopping at the chance to celebrate the onset of Spring, complete with sunny days, blooming flowers and Easter egg hunts! However, as you dye eggs and hide them in the backyard, have you ever considered where those eggs come from?
There’s a good chance you have. In fact, some 95 percent of Americans – 84 percent of whom will be celebrating Easter – are concerned about the treatment of animals on farms and ranches. So, it’s particularly heartening to know that when perusing the aisles of the grocery store, shoppers can take an active role in the promotion of farm animal welfare by seeking out and purchasing eggs from farmers who treat their birds with care.
The standards that American Humane Certified® farmers adhere to were developed by an independent, credible Scientific Advisory Committee made up of the world’s leading animal experts so that consumers can rest easy. American Humane Certified® farmers must comply with more than 200 rigorous standards that help ensure adequate space, air and water quality, heating, lighting, shade and the animals’ ability to engage in natural behavior. We recommend that all ethically minded consumers look for the American Humane Certified® label when buying eggs in stores.

Dr. Robin Ganzert,
President and CEO of American Humane