Studio C exhibition a joint effort

An exhibit at Studio C features work by artists Carlos Castrejon and Sara Duvall.

A joint exhibition is being held at Studio C in downtown El Cajon featuring El Cajon artist Carlos Castrejon and ceramics by artist Sara Duvall.

The show runs through May 23.

Castrejon, the founder of Studio C, is exhibiting his series, “Capturas.”

Curating the exhibit, Tara Slatton-Cardenas said she met Duvall at a pottery studio that she is a member of.

“She was originally my instructor when I was first learning ceramics. I am a big fan of her work and some of the ceramics I do are influenced by her work. She also has some clay pieces that are faces done in raku style, and I thought that would be interesting because Carlos wanted to do this show with portraits,” she said.

Slatton-Cardenas said she gets help from another local artist Martin Hanek, who helps her curate the exhibitions at Studio C. She said he does more of the curation of the exhibits, but never takes credit for his work. She said they asked Castrejon if they could curate an exhibit of his work, and asked him to step back from the exhibit, even though Studio C is his gallery.

“I thought having Carlos’s paintings and Sara’s ceramics would be a great juxtaposition with a one dimension on the walls and a three-dimension mixed together in the same show to give it more texture,” she said. “I love getting art on the walls, having people coming in enjoying the art, and having them together. If that were happening more it would be better for the world, for peace, so I have become a hostess of the art reception. It all matters to me. The music, the food, the art. All of that is part of the experience that people have when they come into a space full of art. My tag for art receptions is Food, Art, Noise. Food is important for an event. That creates a reason to get people into a room for an event, and while they are there, they are going to look at the art. Then they begin to interact with each other, the artists, and people they otherwise would never meet. And that creates the noise. That is why I do this.”

Studio C is located at 128 East Main St. in downtown El Cajon.