News, notes from County Supervisor Dianne Jacob

San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob

Tackling homelessness: The Board of Supervisors recently joined me in approving a wide range of short- and long-term measures aimed at addressing homelessness in our unincorporated communities.

These steps include moving to expand a new homeless outreach team, offering more motel/hotel room vouchers and seeking land for permanent, supportive housing and emergency shelters that would offer health services.

Recent encampments at Lamar Park in Spring Valley, Lakeside and in other outlying communities have underscored the need to address chronic homelessness in those areas.

Many of those without homes have serious and chronic needs, and are stuck in a cycle of homelessness, addiction, medical emergencies and incarceration.

Helping them break free of that cycle is tough. It requires more than quick fixes. What we need is a comprehensive approach that offers a continuum of care. The recent board vote opens the door to doing exactly that.

Our great outdoors: Park and recreation opportunities in East County just keep getting better and better.

Thanks in part to funds provided by the county, Santee recently expanded Mast Park to include more parking and improved bathrooms and playgrounds. Congratulations to Mayor John Minto and all the folks in Santee.

Meanwhile, park improvements are in the works at Lindo Lake in Lakeside, Estrella Park in Casa de Oro and in other unincorporated communities.

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Jacob is on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and represents District 2.