Leaving a healthcare legacy

Barry Jantz

After 16 years as CEO of the Grossmont Healthcare District, Barry Jantz announced his retirement effective March 31, 2021. Appointed as CEO in 2004, Jantz led the endeavor in completing more than $260 million in Proposition G improvements at Grossmont Hospital as well as a successful 2014 ballot measure to continue the lease of the hospital to Sharp Healthcare until 2051.

Prior to being hired as CEO, Jantz served as a community relations consultant managing the district’s annual grants program.

Jantz said after Proposition G passed is when the real work began. He said that the most meaningful part of his work was the ability to leave something lasting for the community.

“When you are doing the work of building new buildings, heart vascular centers, you are so involved with the work, it is not until it is done and you are looking at it when you say, “Wow. What a tremendous benefit to the residents and the patients,’” said Jantz. “That is when it really hits you that you have done something lasting. I feel really good about that in that not only was I working in a job that I love that keeps me really engaged in the community, but when it is all said and done, I can drive by on the freeway and look over and see these projects and say, ‘I had something to do with that.’”

GHD Board President Randy Lenac said Jantz’s leadership in maintaining the integrity of the public-private partnership between GHD and Sharp Healthcare to operate Sharp Grossmont Hospital was very much appreciated, in a press release.

“As a result of facility improvements financed through Prop G, for years to come our public hospital is positioned to respond effectively in the rapidly changing healthcare environment,” said Lenac.

Jantz said he has been “blessed” to have incredible support from board members, colleagues, family and friends.

“I would put my retirement as not a complete retirement by any stretch of the imagination,” said Jantz. “I look at it as kind of rolling back on the amount of time spent but I still plan on doing some work. I have been a consultant before, and I have done a lot of work in the governmental and community affairs arena.”

“I still plan on being very involved,” he said. “My real desire is if I am consulting in any way and making some money in that arena that it will be doing something in support of my community. That is where my love really is. I hope to continue to do that. I am not going quietly into this good night.”

GHD is initiating an executive search for a new CEO. Additional information will be made available soon.

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