Couple celebrates 70 years of love and marriage

Nadine and Bob Weishan

Nadine Weishan has physical limitations right now and gets her meals delivered every day by Meals on Wheels, which her husband Bob said is a tremendous help to them both.

“We see the same people delivering many times,” said Bob Weishan. “We get the opportunity to talk with them. They are a nice group of people, they are very hospitable, and it is nice to talk with them. It really helps Nadine, and that is my main concern.”

The couple has a long history together, both born within one week of each other in May, meeting in fourth grade, and just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on Feb. 9.

The parents of four children with 13 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren, hailed the occasion with many from the family by going out to dinner. The couple lives in Singing Hills in El Cajon when they bought their second home in San Diego in 1971.

They met in 1936, when Nadine’s family moved three doors down from Bob in El Sereno, a suburb of Los Angeles, where they became childhood sweethearts. He said that meeting her in fourth grade was the beginning of their long journey together, although they were separated by 25 miles while in high school and came together again after he returned from Korea. He said he never told her that he was going in the Marines.

But it was not until after Bob came home after 18 months serving in the Marines in the Korean War, that the couple married. They moved to San Diego in 1956 when Bob started a position with AAA, buying their first home together near Grossmont College, while their children were in school.

Bill Weishan said they had a wonderful time at their anniversary dinner with everyone “getting a lot of laughs and giggles” during the celebration. He said three out his four children came, two of his grandchildren and their families, and a couple of their greatgrandchildren and their families, took them out for dinner at the El Cajon Outback Steakhouse.

“Our kids are doing well, we are doing well, so we are happy,” he said. “One of my sons brought in an entertainer. He was supposed to be Frank Sinatra. He stood at our table and sang a few songs. He was really good.”