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Articles by BJ Coleman

What’s a brand to do? A company can build a sound reputation as a quality business, and then watch customer tastes drift away, in changing times and competitive marketplaces.

Rewind to 44 years ago.

The Vietnam War was slowing down but still so contentious that normal civility among Americans had soured. Nevertheless, some then-youngsters in East County were determined that their neighbors who had fallen in that conflict would be honored, just as war dead had been remembered for sacrifice throughout U.S. history.

Longtime East County resident Samuel M. Cicora was honored at his home on April 3, by a visiting delegation of officers from El Cajon American Legion Post 303. Cicora served in the U.S. Army during World War II, earning the rank of Staff Sergeant during combat in New Guinea and the Philippines. He turns 96 on May 14.

Have you ever felt like a ball tossed around by the whims of fate, then found yourself wishing for resiliency to bounce you back into the steady rhythms of life? Longtime El Cajon resident Guy Sarver would have two answers for you, if you have encountered these unsettling sensations.

On March 11, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously, 4-0, directing the county’s Chief Administrative Officer to continue support for expanding county library locations for veterans’ services programs and to identify eligible local volunteers to assist the veterans during the new library service hours.

Does East County possess some special magic that fosters eloquence in patriotic speech?

If so, that could explain why for the fourth year in a row, high school youths sponsored by El Cajon American Legion Post 303 won the Legion-conducted High School Oratorical Contest at the District 22 level covering San Diego County, to advance to the next competitive level of Southern California’s Area 5.

American Legion Post 282 in La Mesa played host on Sunday, Feb. 9, to Legionnaires from around the county wide 22nd District of the Legion, who vied in the organization’s first-ever Chrome Dome Competition. Male entrants in the contest competed over which Legionnaire possesses the best-looking shaved head, as determined by vote of attendees for their favorite baldies. 

Military veterans sacrificed part of their lives defending the nation’s freedoms. Some sacrifice a part of themselves and return home as wounded warriors. Advances in combat-related medicine have brought back many more than from previous hostilities, and suffering but recovering from more grievous wounds. The need has never been greater for programs providing for these veterans and their families.

Classics are identified by the fact that they never go out of style. A bit of occasional modest tailoring here and there to suit changing tastes is the only alteration ever necessary for a quality favorite of lasting popularity.