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Articles by Alberto Calderon

They say that there is wisdom in crowds, but they also warn that we should not fall prey to a mob mentality. The point is that large groups of people have a mixed reputation. 

It is a fine line that matters now more than ever as the throngs of people who are active on social platforms are becoming more adept at flexing their muscle and attaining whatever justice they see fit.


Refugees and immigration.

The thing parents will do for their children to have a better life.

These are the topics that are dominating our front pages, filling the chyrons on the bottom third of our television screens, and these are the topics that have shaped the lives of Andy Baraka, 17, and Osmaha Abdulazeez, 18.

In 1940, The Syracuse Herald Journal wrote, “Stocks with a war flavor bounded up to more than four points in today’s early market, in the fastest sprint since the ‘baby boom’ of last fall.” And with that, the first generational moniker was coined, along with a society obsessed with viewing its’ population through the lense of generational differences.

Anxious parents saddled their children with oversized shoulder pads and helmets as a Zamboni readied the ice rink in anticipation for a youth hockey clinic at the Salvation Army’s Kroc Center Ice Arena. Taking part in the Anaheim Duck sponsored Learn to Play program, 60 children took the ice, many for the first time, aided by a host of helpful coaches and orange safety buckets used as a crutch to keep the more novice skaters upright.

March Madness is here a little early, and El Capitan High School is this year’s Cinderella.

The ninth-seeded Vaqueros are 2-0 in the CIF playoffs after throttling Mar Vista 69-46 in the first round and grinding out a stunning 58-55 victory against top seeded Bonita Vista Barons, securing a spot in the Division IV semifinals against Hilltop.