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Time for Gary Kendrick to

Time for Gary Kendrick to follow Mayor Lewis departure. His questions are highly
inflamatory, Mr Kendrick how about Not taking Money from the Lincoln Club, Hamann Construction and Preist Development two business that just Happen to get everything they want from the Council With Mr Gibson the President of Hamann and Priest being on the City's "Blue Ribbon" Commission. Your Question "Councilmember Gary Kendrick focused on new business and development, and whether or not the applicant would take money at reelection time from liquor stores and the Neighborhood Market Association." These statements offer you are not going to take anyone that disagrees with you and again you target Chaldeans. SHAME ON YOU Mr Kendrick

They should have gone off the

They should have gone off the Vote in November,. Ben Kalasho finished 4th place less that a percentage point behind Bob McClellan and has it not been for the Fake Negative Ads posted by the Lincoln Club of San Diego, the involvent of Church Leaders pushing the vote for their incumbents and Bill Wells doing an interview
"The Californian" Accusing Ben Kalasho as the one that shot a hole in his windows,
a claim the ECPD found no evidence of andtha fact People came forward and said Ben was with them , then Ben Kalasho would have been on the City Council now. Liksten to the Peoples voices Council Put Ben Kalasho on the Coucil and not one of your Church Buds, or someone you like on a commission And ask reasonable non loaded questions

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