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I agree. Gas taxes should be

I agree. Gas taxes should be used for the reason they were collected. Even with that said, you don't have to look far to see how CALTRANS wastes the money it has. I'll bet one the of leaders of CALTRANS has a sign company or is very inept (Part of the Swamp as Trump would put it). I see a sign on almost every off-ramp and on-ramp stating that it will be closed at some time in the 2 to 6 six months for "periods of time" which are seemingly arbitrary. That is the most useless information and a waste of money for those signs which probably cost 300.00 a pop. Whoever is responsible for those signs needs to be fired. If the people running CALTRANS are dumb enough to waste money on these signs, I have very low confidence that they are spending money on the big projects appropriately.

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