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Any updates, please? When

Any updates, please?
When there is an update, could you possibly post the link in this stories comments for other following the story? Thank you!

As a former contributor of

As a former contributor of funds to this charity, I am wondering where this is at? I also would like to know why Backstage 360 is posting an article that includes a link to visit the site and contribute money. Is the writer of that article, someone named "siege" not aware of THIS story? Why would you openly invite folks to go to a site and donate when there has been no closure of follow up as to whether this is fact or fiction.

We are all still waiting for

We are all still waiting for the follow up you said you were putting out last week, close Where do we find that ?

We are still working on the

We are still working on the follow up. There is much information to go through and we want to make sure that we get it right and give everyone that will the opportunity to speak. I am expecting to have this finished by the end of this week. I'll Keep you updated. Thank you.

Hi, we were just wondering if

Hi, we were just wondering if this is an ongoing article or old news? Is the Charity still taking operating and taking donations? The last update was on Nov 20.

Is this old news? Or is this

Is this old news? Or is this really legitimate?

Ok I love the sudden influx

Ok I love the sudden influx of praise for the journalist but we still don’t have a response as to why the CFO couldn’t find his way to the bank for statements at any time other than when the journalist embarrassed him by asking a question he couldn’t answer. How does this make the CFO any better of a person than someone who would allegedly misuse charity funds? Still waiting on that reply as well as to find how why we should take the word of anyone who claims to have cried only twice in life. I’m sure this won’t get posted as it brings up questions no one seems to want to address.

I thought the author did a

I thought the author did a fine job reporting on the Sons of Charity. She brought up a lot of questions that are still left unanswered. I agree with you - why didn't the CFO go to the bank for the statements - like 5 years ago? Wouldn't the CFO have some idea about the monies spent? Someone knew something and I believe there are more people involved.

Nonprofit corporations must

Nonprofit corporations must submit their financial statements which include the salaries of directors, officers and key employees to the IRS on Form 990. Both the IRS and the nonprofit corporation are required to disclose the information they provide on Form 990 to the public. Therefore nonprofits must make their records available for public inspection during regular business hours at their principal office. Online financial statements for Sons of Charity turned up ZIP under public databases such as GuideStar and the Foundation Center. Interesting.

Kudos to Ana Nita for her

Kudos to Ana Nita for her excellent investigative reporting. Her article was very unbiased and informative. I do believe the Sons of Charity did a lot of good for cancer families in need. But what happened to all the money? How did all of this get by a board treasurer and "accountant"? The charity's expenses covered "restaurant and bar bills"? I would be picking apart each and everyone of the people that had anything to do with the Sons of Charity. Someone other than Sam had to know something was going on. And who prepared their tax records? Forms 990 are supposed to be public record for organizations for the last 3 years. There is something much, much more to this story. Keep up the great work Ana. I am looking forward to your follow up.

Keep up the great work Ana

Keep up the great work Ana Nita!

Excellent article Ana Nita.

Excellent article Ana Nita. You excel in your investigative journalism. I look forward to your follow up article on Sons of Charity. I do not question that this organization did help cancer families. But what happened to all the money? How did this even happen and get past a board treasurer and "accountant"? Your article raises more questions about Sam Mejia. I would love to see the tax statements for Sons of Charity. I find your article to be non-biased and non-opinionated. You just present the facts. Kudos to you Ana Nita and keep up the great work!

Hello and thank you for your

Hello and thank you for your feedback. Please subscribe to The Californian for a follow up to this story coming up this week.

Hello and thank you for your

Hello and thank you for your feedback. Please subscribe to The Californian for a follow up to this story this week.

I'm glad you are deciding

I'm glad you are deciding probably to write a small back page article to recant the damage that you have already done without proof.... I just hope in the long run you have not permanently damage the reputation of someone who has given so much to his community for the last 10years.
This is a sad article and so damaging without proof. Shame on you.

Hi and thank you for your

Hi and thank you for your feedback. Mejia was given ample time and space to answer to the allegations and he admitted responsibility for using the charity's account for "living and personal expenses" (per his words). The public, the members of the charity, the recipients and the donors have the absolute right to know the truth and I have zero shame for investigating this story and presenting it to the public in an unbiased manner. I am very proud to serve the public through my investigative journalism.

This article is the kind of

This article is the kind of rhetoric that damages innocent people. As a responsible journalist do you feel the public along with the families of the warriors kids would have been better served by you waiting until there was actual proof. Ie you’d actually researched the story and had actual documents to back it up? Think of the damage this article does to those kids and as well the kids and familia of Mejia if this isn’t true? Who exactly is SOC under scrutiny by? The Facebook vultures? By putting this out with no solid facts it seems to back it up other than the words of a CFO who evidently wasn’t doing his job as Finacial Officer. I pose this question: why didn’t the CFO know monies weren’t being utilized correctly? He says Mejia kept the bank statement close to his heart yet why couldn’t he go to the bank and request the statement each month in order to reconcile the books, if he truly was doing his part and had the best interest of the charity at heart? He evidently had bank access, right? I’m not saying Mejia is not to be held responsible for his actions whatever they may be but I am saying it appears you are idolizing the board members without asking the hard questions about why they waited until you asked a question they couldn’t answer to decide and do the job they were supposed to be doing for this cause they claim is so close to their heart? If you’re going to do this, do it right and fairly. Hold everyone accountable and not just point fingers at the one person who it appeared was the heart of the charity in spite of any allegations that he was misusing funds.

Hello and thank you for your

Hello and thank you for your feedback. If you read the article, the COF already admits his part(answering my questions) and explains why that happened. I don't idiolize anybody and if you read the article, you'll not be able to find my voice and opinion anywhere. The beneficiaries and Mejia had ample space for their viewpoint.

Please stay tuned for the follow up if you want to see copies of the bank statements.

Hi and thank you for your

Hi and thank you for your reply. I have read the article in it's entirely and this is what I am reading regarding the CFO's response -

“I asked myself, why don’t I have access to this kind of information, I am the treasurer," said Charmasson. "I asked Sam many times about our financial status and he brushed it off. He kept all the statements at his house; he kept everything so close to his heart and kept putting things off. So, I went directly to the bank the next day to find out for myself and what I discovered—was heartbreaking.

My question is why did the CFO decide to wait until he was addressed publicly and could not answer a question regarding the distribution of monies to decide and go to the bank for bank statements? He says he ask Mejia many times but that Mejia kept the statements close to his heart. Is the explanation you speak of? This is not a very absolute explanation in my opinion. I feel it is a solid and reasonable question to ask that if the CFO felt embarrassment in being unable to answer your question in the original write up at the concert, that he was so inclined to make the effort of going to the bank for statements then WHY was he not able to do this prior to that instead of using the excuse that he didn't do his duties because Mejia kept the statements "close to his heart". The point I am trying to make is that a board member should be doing due diligence in their duties especially if this involves knowing where the monies are going. The excuse that he didn't know because "Mejia kept the statements close to his heart" doesn't fly when the statements are clearly accessible to him with just a little effort in going to the bank and asking for them.
It is just concerning to me that such a wonderful cause had so many loose ends.

I am not for or against either side, I am simply attempting to understand the full story before making decisions. I feel to many media stories are just that - stories. Like someone once said, "Just the facts' Ma'am."

What a sad story. No where in

What a sad story. No where in this opus is it revealed how much money was ripped off.

Hello, thank you for your

Hello, thank you for your feedback. I am working on a follow up and I will include that information as well, based on the documents I gathered so far.

We are still waiting Ana!!

We are still waiting Ana!!

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