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DC Appeals court just ruled

DC Appeals court just ruled "just cause" as unconstitutional.

The San Diego Sheriffs office is in for an epic lawsuit .
Been nice knowing you Mr.Gore NOT !!

I am from San Diego and

I am from San Diego and graduated from Hoover in 77. I enlisted in the Air Force in 1980 and retired in 2000 .
I was USAF Security Police supervisor for 8 years. On my off duty time
I taught firearms safety for the State of Michigan DNR Hunters Safety course.
I own 2 handguns and have placed high in several competitions in Michigan.
I live in Valdosta, Ga for the last 25 years and own a Weapons Carry License and have owned
One going on 3 years. I had to pass background and NCIC checks plus
Finger printing. I openly carry my SR40C and it is so common place
Nobody has a problem with it. I feel naked without it in San Diego when I go on
Vacation. There is no big crime here because everyone is legally armed.
What is your Sheriff's major malfunction? He must be a Libby

I applaud the City Council

I applaud the City Council for doing this. However the City Council could also order the Chief of Police to Process CCW Permits and allow "Self Dense" as a legitimate reason for approval. The State Law allows Judges, Police Chiefs and Sheriffs to approve carry permits.

Amazing. Real "common sense"

Amazing. Real "common sense" in the Land of Peruto.

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