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As a resident in the Ranch

As a resident in the Ranch San Diego area, I am ecstatic to have my local San Miguel Firefighter's back! It is better for the community in so many ways!! Local employees are familiar with the area. Response times will improve. The former Cal Fire employees can come from anywhere in the county for regular duty or overtime to fill a vacation or sick leave spot. Local employees know our San Diego County Paramedic protocols. People from surrounding counties don't. Patient care will improve. Local employees have a vested interest in serving THIER community. I just watched a Brush rig respond to a medical aid across the street from my house, then the Engine pulled up and 13 minutes later a Sycuan Ambulance arrived. After loading the patient they went lights & siren. Not sure why we got a Sycuan ambulance, but I now feel uneasy about any of my friends or family needing immediate transport. I'm excited and cannot wait for our community to be appropriately cared for and protected. Theresa McKenna is right, the District has the ability to support a stand alone Fire District. In my opinion, the best thing that happened was Ghio leaving. The budget can be kept in tact and accountable.

I don't think the current San

I don't think the current San Miguel board has the skills and necessary independence to run the fire district. The board has too many retired fire fighters, and I suspect that the board will be too receptive to employee demands for increased pay, benefits and pensions. The board members have for too long been invested in perpetuating the system that apparently can't set and meet budgets.

Public sector employees and their unions often are too strong of a presence in running local government services -- and if the board is majority retired fire fighters, how does the board avoid repeatedly voting for what employees want? Isn't the fire department here to serve the population? Shouldn't the board be open to outside ideas?

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