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I worked downtown San

I worked downtown San Diego,while also attending City college in the late 70s and again in the late 80s. Underage prostitution was rampant then,boys and girls mostly homeless and or users, working Broadway,Park Blvd,the Gaslamp Quarters. So what that the Police Station moved to 14th and Broadway. It continued. And while I visit downtown less often the last 3 years,it continues unabated all the way up from Trolley Court to Balboa Park,Sixth avenue,Gaslamp. And on most "Gentlemen" Clubs in town. Bonnie and the city authorities have done little to curb it. They practice "keep it out of site out of mind" of the general population,and most don't get it till it affects them or one of their own. This event was a VOTE COLLECTION EVENT and little else.

It's funny to see Joel

It's funny to see Joel Anderson ,in the picture, smiling next to Bonnie Dumanis who he thinks that as a gay person she is immoral and perverted. And he was absolutely right in asking constituents to see how their representatives vote. Cause then they can vote him out of office. One of the least productive,not up to the times and cooperative legislators in Sacramento.If anyone of his wealthy constituents had him as an employee in their company,they would have fired him long ago. Along with the Jones and Hunder Junior. This guy has voted to help fund school buses by selling ads on those buses,has supported eliminating local admission preference districts for State Universities in a 2010 interview,voted against further regulation of banks to prevent more foreclosures in California,was the only one in the State Senate to vote against elimination of forced sex conversion therapies on minors, ONLY legislator to NOT oppose the Santee Power Plant last Spring,opposed paid leave of absence for pregnant women,and CREATED ZERO net JOBS in his district since 2006, only legislator that Laundered election contributions and was fined for it, "under reported" his income and was fined with liens placed by the Franchise Tax Board, Home schooled his daughter Mary while voting on public education fundings and has opposed any and all legislation that attempts to protect the environment in California. Look all of it up.

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