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Please save out trails. The

Please save out trails. The planning was not done early on and we truly need to save whatever we possibly can to provide more trails!
We regularly patrol the space and clear trails of overgrown foliage and large rocks that are difficult for people and horses to work around.
I personally know of dozens of people who do the same. We feel it's valuable to many families in the local area for multi-uses.
It's regularly being diminished in size and accessibility --- please help us preserve it!!

Thanks in advance!

Dear Mister Menvielle, I'm a

Dear Mister Menvielle,
I'm a native of Lakeside and current resident o El Cajon, CA. I am very concerned about the future of the Lakeside Community Trails and Pathways. PLEASE RESPECT and HONOR the approved Lakeside Trails and Pathway Map. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.
Jeannine M Nagler

Please save access to

Please save access to Lakeside Downs and follow Lakeside trails and pathways plan/maps. Public access is important to us.
Do not take away our hiking/Equestrian trails!
Thank you for reading this!



It should be:


Thank you for catching that

Thank you for catching that quickly. It's been fixed.

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