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This is exciting news! Since

This is exciting news! Since the time of a fire's inception in a barn until the barn is totally consumed is so short, often only fifteen to thirty minutes, this product has the potential for saving many animal lives. I hope you have a big marketing program set up, with reader-friendly articles prepared for every equine newsletter and journal and also for farmers and livestock breeders' publications. As a former technical committee member for the NFPA 150 Standard on Fire and Life Safety in Animal Housing Facilities, I do hope you will be submitting information to the NFPA for its evaluation. If you already have information available, I'd like to see it so I can help "spread the word." I will tweet your article Twitter and post it on Facebook, for starters, and I'll also be glad to contact publications after I learn more, including adding information on my website, http://www.firesafetyinbarns.com .

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