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If it works, it works. We

If it works, it works. We should be applying the models of the best rehab facilities worldwide, so treatment can be universally successful. Good luck.

Today is April 14, 2014 and I

Today is April 14, 2014 and I just received a much appreciated call from Thomas Fernandez, informing be that he has a place at McAlister Institute for my brother who has been desperately seeking help with his drug addiction. I had left a message just this morning requesting a call for Mr. Fernandez after being told about McAlister by Probation Officer Herrera in San Diego.
I want to commend Thomas Fernandez for calling me back so quickly and the McAlister Institute for having such quality employees who are willing to follow through. Mr. Fernandez was both patient and kind while answering my questions about the treatment facility for men. For the first time in a very long time I feel hopeful for my brother's recovery.
I have been calling treatment centers in search of help since March 27th, but either didn't get a call back, or was told their centers were full.
As a retired nurse I am well aware of drug addiction and the toll it takes on both the user and the family. I am so thankful to McAlister Institute for the wonderful work they do to help so many.
I found the search for help a very long and difficult one, and I thank God my search is over. I am looking forward to the recovery of my brother.
Thank you Mr. McAlister for following through to provide help for those who have been cast aside by much of society.

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