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Think of the way government

Think of the way government regulates foster care and approximately 70% of foster kids are sent to various penal institutions when they are "of age." What makes people feel the government should be telling us how to parent? It's time for CA legislators to work a 2- month year to minimize the damage they inflict.

From the LA Times: At

From the LA Times:

At Tuesday’s rally, state Sen. Joel Anderson, a Republican from Alpine, in the foothills east of San Diego, warned that if this bill passes, Trump-supporting parents might have their kids yanked away.

“What happens if you have the misfortune of having a Trump campaign sign in your front yard?” he said. “’Oh, you must not be a good parent because you are one of those. You have crazy ideas.’ So now we’re going to make political judgments about whether you should raise your children or not because you didn’t support the vast majority of the legislators who are in here who want to steal your parental rights? This is crazy stuff.”


Joel Anderson is an idiot.

Children are not property so

Children are not property so yes they deserve rights. Their well-being should not depend on yhe whim of often evil or stupid parents. The anti-vaccine crowd and child abuse hidden by "homeschool" is a perfect example.

Bur hey- making children "property" works out in the interests of idiots and creeps so you all will probably oppose it because what could be better than the "right" to make your own victims?

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