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I highly resent Councilman

I highly resent Councilman Wells implicated Ben Kalasho. If you had no proof of the incident than you had no reason even mentioning Ben Kalashos Name It went right along with all the Lies and deceipt You and the Lincoln Club of San Diego threw out dirung the election,. Where a camera on top of Shell and a concerned Voter did see Certain High Profile contributers and one Candidate drive up to the strip mall on Magnolia, Private Property not owned By Priest or Hamann remove Ben Kalasho signs and put theirs up and were not invited by the owners to do so. Shame on you Mr Wells to make this statement I read a Pastor of Your Church said you are a man of Integrity. I see No Integity in Members of the City Council or the Mayor after the election. I still have my flyer I receiced in the mail with a picture of Ben Kalasho holding a Newspaper and headlines saying he had been fined 10K. The Name of the Paper "El Cajon Times" Never ever has been one on the 29 years I have lived here, this is the Integrity El cajon has elected Love how their Integrity and "Blue Ribbon " Committee lost the city 651K on El Cajon Brewing and now claiming it is secure by the equipment. Lets see you get that price, assume the loan and interest What a laugh

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