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Glad to see you not doing Ben

Glad to see you not doing Ben Kalasho story Ben and his lawyer are smart. They answer little and the Lawyer unlike the other side is telling in court and not trying the case in the media My self I do not believe 100% of the girls side or her lawyers, but sure is being played out in other East County and the UT by reporters Thank you for your integrity Mark Adabo was found guilty so speaks for itself, but still remember he was hot to trot to get the Refugees released to Families in El Cajon to find out ICE sent them back because 75% of their papers and stories were fraud I love Duncan Hunter, vote for him always but I do not like the actions and playing they " I did not know" card Bad feelings in this case Keep up the good work Albert Glad You are one publication that has treated Ben Kalasho with respect

Well said! I'm proud to be a

Well said! I'm proud to be a small part of your newspaper - a paper published with integrity, fairness and thoroughness.

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