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Thanks to my first comment,

Thanks to my first comment, actually posted at 8:30 am on 5-30, not at 4:15 pm,and the ECC editor, my interview was re-posted in the politics section of the online version enabling readers to compare candidates and facts.
Thank you.

I'd like to thank the senator

I'd like to thank the senator for his kind words about me being a success story of Americas Opportunities when one works hard and honestly. Specially an 18 year old LEGAL immigrant with $1,000 in his pocket who worked and paid ALL his way through college.
I am disappointed however that he chose to respond to my April 23rd actual interview to this same paper. Interview that has been removed by this newspaper since it would appear right below Mr Anderson's article and may provide a comparison measure.
Reminds me of my youth when I grew up under the Greek Dictatorship where news and information was censored.
It is unfortunate that Mr Anderson has chosen to ignore this race and disrespect his constituents by not even setting up a campaign site, which cost me $47 for the year, but he has APPARENTLY spent over $55,000 in campaign supplies.
Finally, he failed to mention his two crowning achievements towards his constituents. He was the ONLY East County Legislator to NOT oppose the Santee Power Plant last year, across from West Hills High. He also receives the maximum contributions from Philip Morris/Altria, the TOBACCO company, cause he is ok with cigarettes.
Thank you.

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