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It was an honor to be there

It was an honor to be there to represent and support civilized people. If you're against giving food to people unless they have a permanent address, you're clearly NOT civilized. America was founded on hatred of non-whites and there's a desire by MOST whites to kick non-whites out of the country. If this were NOT true, the "majority" of whites that AREN'T racists would most certainly have their will against the "minority" who are, because the majority ALWAYS sets precedence and creates policy. White people are ALWAYS the first people to disregard ANY people that need HELP! The white supremacist, Manifest Destiny "code language" of Donald Trump, while often undetected by non-whites, was heard loud and clear by the whites of this nation. I've personally had to distance myself/cut ties with ANY of the current administration's supporters. While we can agree to disagree and still be friends, if you support a person or ideology that marginalizes MY wealth, power, and freedom, then we simply AREN'T friends but rather ENEMIES.

Americans have much to lose with our false indicators of success keeping us fearful of losing them(a job working for someone else, the latest electronic/tech gadgets made somewhere else, and the never-wavering belief that we're better somehow, than other nations.). But people that can still afford iPhones, buying fast-food EVERYDAY, and $100-200 monthly television/Internet bills are not yet READY to stand up and fight. Historically, people don't start fighting back until their creature comforts have ALL been taken away from them... Until they have to stand in a line for two hours just to get some MOLDY bread for their family... Until they've watched one of their children STARVE to DEATH or die due to lack of medical attention!

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